Updates, April 29, 2017

Latest Additions:

WooCommerce Conditional Content v1.2.0

WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments v1.2.1

WooCommerce ConstantContact v1.7.0

WooCommerce Points and Rewards v1.5.13

WooCommerce Cost of Goods v2.2.0

WooCommerce Currency Converter Widget v1.6.3

WooCommerce Customer & Order CSV Export v4.0.3

WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite v1.10.10

WooCommerce Customer & Order XML Export Suite v1.8.1

WooCommerce Customer History v1.1.1

WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager v3.1.4.1

WooCommerce Customer-Order-Coupon CSV Import Suite v3.0.2

WooCommerce Deposits v1.1.7

Custom Sidebars Pro for WordPress v2.1.0.9

Domain Mapping Plugin For WordPress Multisite v4.4.2.4